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Thanksgiving Foods That Promote Eye Health

Thanksgiving Foods That Promote Eye Health

Thanksgiving is a great time to share a traditional meal with family and to give thanks. This is a time where most people are probably not thinking about their eye health. That being said, many of the foods served in a traditional Thanksgiving feast actually promote good eye health. These staples are rich in nutrients […]

Beware of Cosmetic Contact Lenses This Halloween

It has become very trendy to wear cosmetic contact lenses for Halloween. After all, it does make a good costume to have scary vampire eyes or striking cat eyes. But it is very important to be aware that the wrong lenses can actually cause serious damage to your eyes! Decorative lenses, sometimes called costume lenses, […]

How Can Vision Therapy Help Someone with Learning Disabilities

How Can Vision Therapy Help Someone with Learning Disabilities?

What is Vision Therapy? Vision Therapy is a kind of physical therapy for the eyes and brain. It does not involve surgery and is often used to treat problems like a lazy eye, crossed eyes, and convergence insufficiency. Every person using vision therapy will have a plan tailored for their unique, individualized needs. Many parents […]


Best Methods to Protect Your Eyes When Hiking in Utah

The Utah Vision Development Center understands that many of our patients are outdoor enthusiasts, just like we are. Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy all of the beautiful natural splendor around us. Whether you are going for a day trip or a trek out into the back country, keep in mind […]

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