Success Stories

Annie and Paige

I don’t know how many times thank you is appropriate, but we are so grateful for all you and your great staff have done. Paige and Annie are both doing awesome. Annie tested above grade level again in her reading and she loves to write and solve story problems – well all math she is doing well with according to her teacher. You won’t be surprised to hear that her teacher commented on how accurate she is with everything.

Paige just finished up taking the ELP tests for junior high and said they were easy. She also attributed the fact that she memorized so many piano pieces this summer to “getting her eyes fixed”. She has herself signed up for a math competition in a few weeks and a creative problem solving competition in the spring – her confidence in her “brainy abilities” has really blossomed. She also doesn’t get stressed by homework anymore.


We are so thankful for your time and services that you gave our son, Scotty. Scotty was diagnosed with Amblyopia in Kindergarten. He was given glasses and sent on his way. We were fortunate to get a referral to you guys from my aunt and to get Scotty the therapies that we didn’t even know he needed. He struggled to read and really hated to read in Kindergarten. It was a daily struggle to get him to do his reading homework. He was in the lowest reading group at school. He didn’t like going to school. After coming to therapy for a few months and wearing his eye patch, he had a dramatic improvement in his reading. He went up to the grade level reading group at school and his hatred of reading went away. Not to say he loved to read, but it wasn’t a battle for us anymore. His overall experience at school improved and now that he is in 1st grade he is doing wonderfully and loves school. We were so happy with his test results at the end of his therapy to see how dramatic his improvement was.

Scotty loves you guys! He was so excited every Wednesday to come in to your office and do his therapy. You were all so patient and kind with him. You encouraged and pushed him when he needed it and we are so thankful. He was sad when he was finished!

We already referred some friends to your office and we will continue to do so in the future!


When my daughter, Kaylee was a baby, I was concerned about her eye sight. I noticed that she wasn’t focusing on one specific thing, especially when I had her in her car seat as I was driving. One eye would be focusing out the window, while the other one was focusing on me. This was very concerning to me and so we decided to take her to Primary Children’s Medical Center to see an Ophthalmologist. During our visit, he tested her vision and diagnosed her with intermittent exotropia, which meant that her eyes would wander out. The doctor said that she wasn’t a candidate to have surgery because her eyes weren’t severe enough to require surgery. We continued to see this doctor every year for the past 3 years. We got the same answer each year we attended this doctor.

Last summer, I started teaching Kaylee her sounds, letters, and numbers. We also started reading and I noticed that sometimes she could say the sounds, while other times she didn’t even recognize the letter or sound. We started putting sounds together to form words and sentences, but frustration came even more. She struggled with reading and handwriting, even to the point of crying and begging me not to have her read. As a teacher, this was very concerning to be because reading is a life skill that is definitely necessary to survive. After many months of her frustration, as well as mine, I decided that there had to be something else that would help. Finally after talking to many people and hearing about Dr. Davies giving a screening for children to see if Vision Therapy would help, we decided to give it a try. We saw him for the initial screening in August 2010 and he agreed with the doctor at Primary Children’s. He also said that her vision clarity was perfect but that because of the exotropia, she didn’t know how to focus her eyes, thus making reading and other school work difficult. He told us to come back in November and have another check.

November came, and sure enough, Dr. Davies suggested that we should start Vision Therapy. I was very excited to start this because Kaylee’s school work and reading were still very frustrating to her and it was making her self esteem become lower. We started the 24 session Vision Therapy in November and attended two times a week. We finished our sessions in late February 2011. Each week that we went we were assigned homework and tasks to do so it would reinforce the training that she was receiving each time she met with the doctor. As time went on, I could see Kaylee gain confidence. Her reading ability and skills increased and her overall attitude changed. It definitely was exactly what she needed.

She excelled with Vision Therapy and because of this wonderful program, I now have a daughter who is excited to read books, asks me to get more books so she can read, and has the confidence to try new things. Her grades have had a tremendous increase as well as acknowledgment from her teacher that Kaylee has improved in many areas.

Dr. Davies and his staff take the time to get to know you and your children. Their positive approach to teaching Vision Therapy is exactly what children need in order to succeed.

I am very grateful for Vision Therapy and our success story. I know that if you choose this for your child, you will see the results that we have seen and your child will become happier and will do better in his/her school work.

“Dr. Davies and his Associates get an A+!- I really enjoyed the attention I received from Dr. Davies and his associates. My examination was thorough. I understood my situatiion and my options. Theire practice was THE NICEST that I have ever encountered. ”

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