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How Diabetes Can Affect Your Eyes & Vision

How Diabetes Can Affect Your Eyes & VisionIt is a known fact that diabetes seriously affects a person’s quality of life. It can cause long-term damages to different organs of the patient’s body. As per National Institutes of Health, almost 29 million people are suffering from diabetes in the US alone. Moreover, there are 86 million people who are at pre-diabetes stages.

Some of the symptoms a diabetic patient shows are a loss of conscious, glaucoma, visual disturbance etc. Furthermore, the patient may have increased rate of stroke and heart diseases. In addition to that diabetes can also result in certain eye problems and this is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post. Continue reading to know more about eye problems caused by diabetes.

Reasons Diabetes Causes Eye Problems

When a person suffers from diabetes, their blood sugar increases. This, in turn, affects lens the eye of the patient. It swells; hence, the patient’s ability see gets impacted.

Common Eye Problems Caused By Diabetes

Blurry Vision

The main reason for blurry vision is high blood sugar. This isn’t a major issue since it can be corrected if the blood sugar is brought back to the normal level. The problem of blurry vision may take approximately 3 months to completely vanish.


This eye problem is caused when the fluid in our eye can’t properly drain. It results in a pressure that builds up inside our eye. As a result, nerves and blood vessels get damaged. This particular condition is called glaucoma and it affects the vision of the patient.

There are different forms of glaucoma with open-angle glaucoma being the most common form. The patient may not show any symptoms if they are suffering from this particular condition. However, during a regular examination of the patient, it can be discovered and your doctor may prescribe medications to treat this condition. These medications can help in lowering the pressure. Furthermore, they can also lower the fluid made by our eye along with speeding up the drainage.


This is another eye problem caused by diabetes. In such a condition, the lens of the patient are clouded by debris. Thus, the patient is unable to focus on objects like a normal person does. A point to note here is that diabetic patients aren’t only at the risk of suffering from this condition, it can affect any person. However, the risk is high when a person is suffering diabetes.

Solutions For Eye Problems Cause By Diabetes

The first thing you need to do, if you are experiencing symptoms of any of the diseases mentioned above, is to contact a physician. They will suggest you to get some necessary tests done in order to get to the root of the problem. Make sure that you are contacting a reliable eyecare center i.e. Utah Vision Development Center for an effective treatment.

At Utah Vision Development Center , we can treat a number of eye problems and help you to get a clear vision. We have highly-qualified, professional, and experience optometrists that are always ready to treat patients with different eye problems. Visit us now and get your clear vision back.

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